Author Information

Dear SWC 2021 Authors,

This page will provide you with any relevant information on the next steps of presenting your work at SWC 2021 - here you can find:

  • Important Dates for our SWC 2021 Authors
  • Information on presenting your work at SWC 2021 - including instructions for oral and poster presentations
  • Information on publishing your work at SWC 2021 - including instructions for full papers
  • Our publishing cooperation with Solar Energy Advances for a select number of papers presented at SWC 2021
  • Our author information sheet


For any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at swc [at]

Important Dates for Authors

  • 03 May 2021: Abstract Submission Closes


  • July 2021: Author Notification on acceptance of your work to the congress and if accepted, format of your presentation (oral presentation or poster presentation)


  • August 2021: Registration Opens: Authors need to be registered by 10 September 2021. Learn more about joining ISES as a member and benefiting of the special ISES members registration rate here!


  • 10 September 2021: Author Registration Deadline


  • 15 October 2021: Full Paper Submission Deadline

Presenting your work at SWC 2021

All accepted authors have now received an author's notification, informing whether your abstract has been accepted to SWC 2021 and informing you on the format of your presentation at the congress, your work can either be presented via an oral presentation or via a poster presentation.


Oral Presentation:

If your abstract is selected for an oral presentation, you will be required to submit a pre-recorded video of your presentation a few weeks in advance of the Congress to allow the other registrants to preview it. During the Congress you will be requested to join a live session to provide a brief overview of your work and respond to Q&A. Your video presentation as well as the recording of the Q&A will remain online after the congress.


Poster Presentation:

If your abstract is selected for a poster presentation, you will be provided a digital poster wall in the poster area of the Congress where you can upload a pdf-version of your poster, your personal info and, at your option, a short video presentation of your poster. The congress attendees will be able to view your poster during dedicated poster sessions or at any time throughout the congress days. The attendees can reach out to you for discussion via the chat, and you may organize a live discussion with several attendees, i.e. via a dedicated Zoom room. For our poster presenters, please know that we will also welcome you in the live sessions for you to present your work to our audience and to participate in the live Q/A and discussions. This will be a great way to share your work with a wide audience, and we are looking forward to your submissions.


Author Instructions:

Authors will receive instructions on how to prepare for SWC 2021 via email - please also find these instructions below.

1) Oral and Poster Presentation Instructions Theme 1 - Perspectives for a 100% RE World

2) Oral and Poster Presentation Instructions for all other Themes

3) Find instructions on how to set up your virtual poster in the congress platform here.

Publishing your work at SWC 2021

During the congress, you will have to present your work either via an oral presentation or via a poster presentation. You will also be asked to subit your full paper prior to the congress - the deadline for this full paper submission is 15 October 2021 and more information on how to submit your paper will be available in time.

All full papers presented at the congress will be peer-reviewed for publication in the proceedings, which will be published in the ISES Conference Proceedings Database, a publicly accessible and searchable online database. All papers accepted for publication by ISES will be assigned an individual DOI and be published by ISES under the title “ISES Solar World Congress 2021”.

In the ISES Conference Proceedings Database you can search and find papers published under the proceedings of ISES conferences. This database offers the global renewable energy community with easy and searchable access to ISES conference proceedings. It also provides authors of scientific papers a state-of-the-art platform to publish their work presented at ISES conferences.

ISES was founded in 1954 to advance solar energy technology development and use. Since then ISES has led the growth of solar energy from the laboratory to commercial success. ISES conferences, such as the biennial Solar World Congress and EuroSun, exemplify the spirit of international networking and exchange of ideas. Our conferences provide a unique opportunity for knowledge sharing and networking opportunities for the global renewable energy community, representing the research and academic sectors, governments, civil-society and project and community planners among many others.

The proceedings represent the latest in research, development, deployment and projects on a range of topics presented at ISES conference.

Topics covered include:

  • Renewable Electricity Technologies: Photovoltaics, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), Biomass, Geothermal, Wind, Hydro, Ocean and Other
  • Solar Heating and Cooling
  • Solar Buildings and Architecture
  • Resource Assessment and Energy Meteorology
  • Energy Storage
  • Renewable Energy Grid Integration and Distribution
  • Off-Grid and Rural Energy Access
  • Solar Energy and Society
  • Clean Transportation Technologies and Strategies

The papers published under each conference are sorted according to the themes and topics defined under each event.


Find all information and templates for the full paper upload here.


  • SWC 2021 Copyright Agreement

All authors must complete and submit a copyright agreement when submitting their full papers. The copyright agreement will be shared with the authors after their acceptance to the congress programme.

Cooperation with Solar Energy Advances

A select number of high quality papers presented at the Congress will be invited for submission to the new ISES scientific journal, Solar Energy Advances. These invited papers will be subject to the Journal’s normal peer review process.

Launched in 2021, Solar Energy Advances will be a high-quality journal reflecting the work of ISES in transforming our energy production and consumption into a fully renewable system. The new journal will complement the successful ISES Solar Energy Journal, launched in 1957, and which remains the flagship scientific journal for solar energy.

Solar Energy Advances aims to provide a forum for the presentation of fundamental scientific advances in the understanding on any aspect of solar energy research, development, application, measurement or policy. The journal welcomes the submissions of articles at the forefront of solar energy research, truly advancing the field.

Solar Energy Advances will cover a broad range of themes relevant to solar energy research, development and applications.

Each issue of Solar Energy Advances will focus on specific topics, such as:

  •  Solar energy systems and applications
  •  Research and development in solar energy utilisation
  •  Applications of solar energy measurements, assessments, and forecasting methods
  •  Planning of active and passive solar energy utilization in urban environments
  •  Solar energy policy and legislation
  •  Solar energy markets and public support
  •  Other direct and indirect applications of solar energy such as energy storage, hybrid systems, sector integration 
  •  Other renewable energy uses