This is a preliminary overview of the ISES Solar World Congress Plenary Sessions - more sessions and information on them will be published here as they become available.


High Level Plenary - Status and trends, major challenges and pathways to 100% RE

Our opening high-level panellists give overviews of the energy transformation we are experiencing, including the major drivers, challenges, and opportunities for a 100% renewable energy world.


Technology overview – How Technology Innovation is Leading the Energy Transformation

This session welcomes expert speakers presenting an overview of technology developments in specific areas. Many facets of solar technologies and applications are covered, shining a light on the status and trends of key technological advances that will make up the energy transformation.


Industry Roundtable #1:  The Key Roles of Renewable Energy Enterprises - Both Large and Small

This session brings together industry representatives describing the opportunities and challenges to their business under the ongoing energy transformation.  They highlight the status and trends of how solar and renewable technologies and their applications are driving the energy transformation.


Industry Roundtable #2:  How industry associations are influencing and accelerating the transformation

This session features representatives of renewable energy industry associations and how they support current and prospective members to engage and prosper in the energy transformation.


Societal Influences and Social Justice in the Energy Transformation

This session brings together experts addressing key elements of the societal actions needed to achieve a successful transformation to 100% renewable energy, the challenges societies and communities face and the need to encompass the principles of JEDI (Justice, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion).


Policy Recommendations and Financial Mechanisms for Enabling the Energy Transformation

This session addresses renewable energy finances, markets, trend analysis, economics and policies. Panellists will discuss what is necessary to create a political and financial enabling environment for the energy transformation.


Special Session: Spotlight India

This session will welcome two events focussing on the topics of local manufacturing and boosting the Indian solar programme.