25. October


  • Monday, 25. October 2021
    1:30pm to 2:00pm

    InCoRE - A new ISES Educational Initiative

    • Klaus Vajen
    • Jennifer McIntosh - Moderator

    This session will introduce InCoRE, a  new educational initiative by ISES.  InCoRE is a new approach to enhance International Cooperation in Higher Education on Renewable Energies, in particular between developing and…

26. October




27. October



28. October



  • Thursday, 28. October 2021
    3:00pm to 3:30pm

    ISES Awards Ceremony 2021

    Join us to honour and celebrate the ISES 2021 Awards Recipients.

    Since 1975 ISES has been honouring those who have made significant achievements and contributions toward advancing solar energy applications and use. Read the full…


  • Thursday, 28. October 2021
    4:30pm to 6:00pm

    Societal Influences and Social Justice in the Energy Transformation

    • Paulette Middleton - Moderator
    • Oluwadabrira Abiola-Awe
    • Stefan Rahmstorf
    • Jennie C. Stephens
    • Anna Skowron

    This session brings together experts addressing key elements of the societal actions needed to achieve a successful transformation to 100% renewable energy, the challenges societies, and communities face, and the need…

29. October



  • Friday, 29. October 2021
    2:00pm to 2:30pm

    ISES Farrington Daniels Lecture

    • Dr. David Renné
    • Prof. Yogi Goswami - Moderator

    The Farrington Daniels Lecture is given at every Solar World Congress by the winner of the ISES Farrington Daniels Award.

    Presented since 1975, this is the premier world award for outstanding intellectual leadership in the field of Solar…