Congress Themes and Topics

The SWC 2021 Congress Themes and Topics are:

1 - Perspectives for a 100% RE World: Results of Global or Regional Scenario Studies that reflect needed capacities, time horizons, and costs; Societal Changes/Perspectives/Issues; Equity, Energy & Social Justice, Power-to-X

2 - c-Si Photovoltaics: c-Si PV Cell Research and Technology; Material Issues; Module Technologies; PV Manufacturing; Reliability; Recycling and Sustainable Material Usage; Heterostructures on Si including Si Tandem. 

3 - Other PV Technologies: Other Crystalline Solar Cells such as III-V, CdTe and CIGS; Perovskites and Perovskite Silicon Tandems; Molecular Photovoltaics (dye sensitized and organic PV); Quantum Dots as Light Harvesters; Heterostructures on other s.c.

4 - Innovative PV Deployment: Agri Photovoltaics; Floating Photovoltaics; Building-Integrated Photovoltaics; Car-Integrated Photovoltaics; Infrastructure Photovoltaics; Wearable and Consumer Product-Integrated Photovoltaics. 

5 - Solar Thermal Electricity and Fuel Production: CSP and CST Systems; Hybrid Concepts; Solar Concentrators; Solar Receivers and Heat Transfer Media; Power Cycles and Cogeneration; Solar Fuels and Chemicals; Hydrogen Production; Solar-Driven Carbon Capture and Utilization.

7 - Grid Integration: Integration of Variable Renewable Energy into large grids; Self Consumption; Markets & Policy; Energy System Studies (Operation and Planning); Power Systems; Minigrids: Support and Integration; Smart Grids and Microgrids; Multi-energy Carriers and Systems; Energy Economics, Markets and Policy; System Flexibility and Security; Reliability and Resilience of low-carbon Grids.

8 - Solar Heating and Cooling Technologies: Solar Thermal and Hybrid Collectors; Thermal Energy Storage; Domestic Solar Water Heating and Combisystems, Innovative Components and/or Materials; Technical Characterization: Testing, Standards and Certification; Durability and Life Cycle Analysis; Performance Measurement and Assessment.

9 - Renewable and Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems: Hybrid Heating and Cooling Systems; District Heating; Heat for Industrial and Agricultural Processes; Solar Refrigeration and Air Conditioning; Solar Cooking and Food Processing; Disinfection, Decontamination, Separation of Industrial Process Water and Wastewater; System Performance Assessment; Digitalization and Optimization of Hybrid Renewable Energy Supply; High Temperature Processes.

10 - Thermal Energy Storage: Medium- and High-temperature Thermal Storage; Sensible /Latent/ Thermochemical Materials and Storage Concepts; Long-term and short-term Storage; Storage Applications; Thermal Storage for Sector Coupling and Energy System Integration.

12 - Solar Resource Assessment and Energy Meteorology: Renewable Resources Assessment; Solar Resource Models and Data; Solar Resource Measurements and Instrumentation; Solar Resource Management and Applications; Solar Resource Forecasting.

13 - Solar Buildings and Urban Design: Passive Solar; Daylighting; Building Integrated/ Added PV and Solar Thermal Systems; Zero-Energy or Plus-Energy Buildings/ Neighborhoods; Zero- or Low-Carbon Emission Buildings/Neighborhoods etc; Methods and Tools (to analyse the design of solar buildings and/or neighborhoods); Solar Planning; Building Renovation – Solar Strategies.

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